Ragoutsaria Carnival in Kastoria

A friend of mine asked me to join him to AEGEE event "Ragkoutsaria: The crossroad of Greek and Balkan culture" whick took place in a town in northern Greece. I had no idea what is AEGEE, Kastoria nor Ragkoutsaria but it didn't really matter so I decided to join him.

On Sunday the 5th of January we tried to get to Kastoria (On that day I learned that's the name of the town where we're going) by hitchhiking. I didn't really work out since the only one who stopped for us was a police man saying you shouldn't stand here next to the highway... After these well spent five hours we took a bus to Kastoria which was ridiculously expensive, 78e for return ticket.

We arrived to Kastoria on Sunday late evening and started to get to know people there. Slowly I started to learn what is AEGEE as well (non-profit student organisation for international young Europeans where students are organising events for other students and meeting together  somewhere.) We staid at some kind of scout shelter which was just a perfect place for this kind of thing.

We staid in Kastoria for four nights and during that time I learned more about Kastoria, Ragoutsaria (a carnival which takes place in Kastoria), the history of Greece and I met a bunch of great people. We did some sightseeing, attended the carnival and went for horse riding. I got a cold and didn't sleep enough but it was worth of it.

Ragoutsaria Carnival in Kastoria


Eetu Ahanen

Freelancer Photograher and Digital Creative living between Helsinki and Paris. Into urban culture, communality, travelling and summer cottages.

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