2600km – Lapland Road Trip

We started our trip from Rovaniemi and slept the first night next to Sodankylä, on the top of a cliff (quite scary the next day when we opened the door of the tent).

We continued to Utsjoki through Inari, and started to follow the gorgeous Tenojoki river to Nuorgam – the northernmost village of Finland. We slept in the middle of a swamp in Nuorgam with an amazing view over the village accompanied by thousands of mosquitos. It was quite difficult to follow the sunset since the sun was behind the clouds, and after a while we noticed it was already the sunrise.

On the following day we went to Norway, dipped in the Arctic Ocean and came back to Finland through Sevettijärvi. We hiked to a wilderness hut near Inari where we had a (smoky) sauna.

On the next day we headed to Kuusamo where Karhunkierros, the most popular hiking trail of Finland, is located. We spent two nights in the forest, hiked 40km and hitchhiked back to our car.

2600km – Lapland Road Trip

A road trip in Finnish Lapland.


Eetu Ahanen

Freelancer Photograher and Digital Creative living between Helsinki and Paris. Into urban culture, communality, travelling and summer cottages.

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