Roadtrip in Normandy

Weekend getaway from Paris: Deauville–Honfleur–Le Havre–Étretat. Convertible car, wild camping and lovely Hello Birds Festival

Suvilahti at Night

Kaikki paitsi purjehdus on turhaa

Lasse Mårtenson and Juha Vainio's song Kaikki paitsi purjehdus on turhaa states everything but sailing is pointless, which I began to understand once I got to sail for the very first time of my life.

Hernesaaren ranta

Photos from Hernesaaren ranta beach area in Helsinki, which looks pretty deserted at this time of the year.

Isle of Sheep XI

Some photos from a lovely dancing party in the island of Lammassaari, Helsinki.

Lonna Island in a Storm

Photos from the island of Lonna during a stormy August afternoon.

Camping in Gåsgrundet

One night in the island of Gåsgrundet in Espoo.

Walk in a Forest

We spent a weekend at our summer cottage, and while Anssi and Alexandra were picking some berries I went to have a walk with my camera.

Sompasaunan kesätanssiaiset

Sompasauna's Summer Ball was held in Sompasaari Helsinki on Wednesday 12.8.2015.

Kallio Block Party

Some photos from a block party in Helsinki, Finland on Saturday 1.8.2015.

2600km – Lapland Road Trip

A road trip in Finnish Lapland.

Puu-Vallilan perinteinen pihakirppis

A few photos from the Yard Sales of Puu-Vallila in Helsinki

Vanhan Herttoniemen pihakirppispäivä

Photos from annual yard sales in Herttoniemi, Helsinki on April 26, 2015.

DIY DSLR Extension Tube and some flowers

Check out the instructions to create your own extension tube to take some amazingly close macro shots for almost no price at all.


After visiting Indonesia, my friend headed back home and I continued to Singapore and Bangkok. I didn't have too much time in Singapore, but enough to explore the relatively small central area.

Bangkok, Thailand

A week in Bangkok: cityscapes, floating markets, parks, and tons of people and traffic.

Peetu and Eetu in Indonesia

Two weeks in Indonesia! Relaxing in white beaches next to turquoise sea, exploring rainforests and getting lost in hectic cities. Amazing photos around Indonesia.

Some snowy photos

Just some winter photos from our cottage in Kiikala, Finland.

A week in Munich

I hitchhiked from Dijon to Munich to meet a couple of friends before going back home for Christmas

Lyon Festival Of Lights / Fête des Lumières 2014

Photos from Lyon Festival of Light

A long weekend in Morocco

A few days in Marrakech, Atlas mountains, Ourika Valley, Essaouira, and just driving around.

Abandoned Berlin

An abandoned amusement park, old CIA station from Cold War and old hospital

A Week In Berlin

Hitchhiking from Dijon to Berlin and back. One way 1100km, 18h. Urban landscapes, streets, food markets, nightscapes, lights and shadows.

Weekend in Strasbourg and Basel

A weekend trip to Starsbourg, France and Basel, Switzerland

Summer in Finland

I spend five weeks of my summer in Finland, trying to get the most out of my relatively short visit. Here are some photos of campfires, wild camping, swamps, Helsinki, skinny dipping, white nights and Beer Floating.

Summer in France

Spending some time in Southern France, hitchhiking to Autrans, visiting the North and hiking next to the Alps.

Summer in Greece

After my internship in Iceland I headed back to Greece to enjoy some sunlight and warmness, those things weren't that present in Reykjavik during Spring. Even though many months had passed, I felt being home in hot and sweaty Athens.

2859km in 10 Days - Road Trip Around Iceland

Check the photos of Icelandic nature where all the classical elements, fire, air, earth and water, are present in various different forms. This is a country full of contrast and extreme opposites. Landscapes surprise you all the time, sometimes in vivid colours, sometimes in muted tones. All together it creates an incredible and mystical atmosphere.

Heraklion, Crete

A long weekend trip to Heraklion, Crete to see some friends living there. During those days we did some urban exploration in abandoned buildings, biked around the coast, built a sauna, swam in the sea, made some barbecue and caught three fishes.

Israel and Palestine

On New Year's Eve we were in a cafe finishing some school stuff (yep, bad timing for those things) with Alexandra. We thought it would be nice to go somewhere so after like 20 minutes we bought flight tickets to Tel Aviv, Israel. After few weeks on the 13th of January we were in Israel.

Ragoutsaria Carnival in Kastoria

Balkanrail 2013

Hitchhiking trough Greece

General strike in Athens



I was enjoying Midsummer at friend's summer place in Pargas.

Campfire grilling in Helsinki

If you ask me what is an excellent way to spend a sunny winter Sunday in Helsinki, here's the answer. Grilling just outside the city center at Harakka island, pure awesomeness.


Phantom at Tavastia

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